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Why we need supplements

Supplements – We need them

When someone hears supplements, they think it is for bodybuilders or gym goers or sports person. Or its bad, causes kidney damage or I eat good food, why should I eat supplements, etc.

A typical health-conscious person would be eating clean/organic food, hydrate properly, get enough sleep, get good amount of sun light and exercise regularly.

Does such a person also need supplements?

Yes, is the short answer. For the long answer read on.

Our target today especially in the times of pandemic is to have good health, fitness & ageing well. To achieve these targets, we need to take help of food supplements.

Reasons why I suggest supplements for everyone

  • Air Pollution has increased the need of nutrients than what we have been consuming so far.
  • Water that we drink is either chlorinated or treated with some unwanted chemicals leading to reduction of natural minerals in it.
  • Soil Pollution is destroying our crops, pesticides, indiscriminate use of fertilizers are reducing the amount of nutrients in our body. Read More here & Here.
  • Pesticides are reducing the soil nutrients resulting in lower nutrients in the crops that it grow.
  • 24×7 work culture & associated stress, Screen time i.e. Computers, cell phones, TV etc. are breaking our circadian rhythms or biological clocks.
  • Exercise is a stressor your nutrient requirements shoot up if you workout in gym or at home for substantial amount of time.
  • The poultry industry uses anti-biotics & hormones which eventually get passed on to us when we consume either meat or milk.
  • Modern processed food that contains lot of additives, taste enhancers are giving us a sugar spike and high amount trans far resulting in obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Post farming activities like harvesting, shipping, processing, and storage techniques further reduce the nutrients in the food.
  • Shelf-life enhancers sprayed over the food are inhibiting the nutrient absorption in our body, increasing the need to supplement vitamins, protein, minerals etc.
  • Cooking techniques further reduces the nutrients in food in some cases like deep frying.
  • Most abundant & freely available Vitamin D is also in deficiency in many people. Thanks to our lifestyles. Our ancestors roamed in the open sun more than us and never had the deficiency.
  • Modern human does not have to face the stress of predators of jungle but surely the race to earn money, comfort & best of things in life is giving us huge amount of stress.
  • More stress more nutrients we require.
  • Finally, the eternal enemy of any living being is the “Ageing”, as you age the requirement for nutrients increase as your body’s absorption ability decreases.

I have given you many reasons that show the need for including supplements in our diet. If you still think its not required do leave your comments. And if you want help in choosing supplements then do connect with me.

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