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The idea behind this blog is to provide correct information related to health, food and fitness in a time-saving format instead of lengthy articles. Considering the busy schedule, everyone has in today’s’ time, posts in here will take at the most 5-10 minutes to read but will give you appropriate insights in how positive changes in lifestyle & food habits can be done and where to focus in consuming daily nutrition

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Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood, and they play a crucial role in providing energy to

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in our bodies that plays a vital role in various functions. However, having high

Metabolism refers to the chemical processes that occur within a living organism to maintain life. These processes include the breakdown

Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. Frailty, falls and disability in old adults is a common

Millets – The Magic Grains

A coarse grain with a long tradition of cultivation & consumption in India and neighboring Asian countries. They are a

Yoga Asanas for Diabetes

Exercises in general are helpful in many of the lifestyle diseases like Diabetes & Heart problems. Lack of exercise in

What is Resistance Training?Ans :- Any Physical activity that causes muscles to contract and expand against an external resistance.Ex: –

Just like any machine Human Body needs energy to function properly. Carbohydrates are well-known source of energy, but FATS are

When someone hears supplements, they think it is for bodybuilders or gym goers or sports person. Or its bad, causes

Carbohydrates is one the three main Macro-Nutrients essential for us. Carbs are primary providers of energy for bodily functions, as

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