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FATS – The Reservoir of Energy

Just like any machine Human Body needs energy to function properly. Carbohydrates are well-known source of energy, but FATS are much better source than Carbs. But we different types of Fats and which type we should select matters for our good health. Fats are a class of Macro-Nutrient essential for human body.

Human Bodies energy requirement is fulfilled by both Carbs n Fats that you consume as food. Fat from food is called as Dietary Fat. Carbs & Proteins provide us with 4Kcal per gram. Fats gives us 9Kcal per gram that we eat.

Fat comes from both Plant & Animal sources. The fat is stored in body is known as Adipose tissue.

They perform various essential functions in our body –

  • Helps in Absorption of Vitamins and nutrients.
  • Makes up cell membrane.
  • Helps in creation of Hormones.
  • Supports Immune system.
  • Protects Organs and Tissues.
  • Provides energy for body functions in absence of Carbohydrates.

Types of FATS

Types of Fats

Saturated, they are bad for your health. They stay solid at room temperature, e.g., Butter, Ghee & Cheese etc. They increase LDL or bad cholesterol in your blood.

Un-Saturated ones are good for health. They stay in liquid state at room temperature.

Mono & Poly Unsaturated Fats further divide the Saturated ones.

Some Examples are as follows.

Mono-Unsaturated : Nuts/Avocado/Olive Oil

Poly-Unsaturated : Omega 3 & 6 found in Deep Sea fish, sea weed, flax/chia seeds/walnuts/sunflower seeds & canola oil.

Trans Fat – Also called Hydrogenated Fats are probably the worst of the 3 especially when taken from artificial sources.

Natural Sources:  Meats & Dairy

Artificial Sources:  Vegetable oils/Dalda/Palm Oil, fried foods, creamy foods, processed foods etc.

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)& Metabolic disorders e.g. Diabetes are happening due consumption of food high in Trans. They increase LDL (Bad cholesterol) and decrease HDL (Good cholesterol) causing build-up of cholesterol in your arteries.

Now that you have gone through what exactly Fats are you should select the right fat in your diet so that you don’t get FAT.

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