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Immunity Boosting – Myth or Reality?

Immunity is the buzzword of current times due to COVID-19 Pandemic.  Food products & health supplement companies are trying to sell their product by calling it an Immunity booster. Does it work that way, we will see that later.

First What is Immunity?

  • In simple terms, “The ability of our body to fight foreign bodies (Virus & Bacteria) and cancer cells”

Why Immunity is Important?

  • Due to COVID-19, we understand the importance of Immunity. A weak immune system leads to a greater vulnerability to various infections.  Plus prolonged weakened immune system increases the risk of malignant diseases e.g. Cancer.
  • The Immune system sends antibodies to fight foreign bodies but the malfunctioning immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells, tissues, & organs.  It is called Autoimmune disease, these attacks can affect any part of the body, weakening bodily function, and even turning life-threatening.

Now About Immunity Boosting, does it really work?

  • We need a nutritious diet to stay healthy & a healthy person means he or she is having good immunity. Very Simple!
  • Even a healthy person gets infected with a virus or bacteria but the difference is that person will respond to the infection in a better way than an unhealthy one.
  • COVID-19 a good example here, major fatalities are elder people & people with co-morbidities, i.e. having Diabetes, Heart diseases, etc.
  • As one grows old immunity decreases resulting in more infections and hence the need for supplements.
  • The best immunity booster that we currently know is “Vaccine”.  That naturally teaches your immune system to fight a particular type of infection.
  • Due to pollution and improper use of fertilizers, pesticides, etc the food is not having the required nutritional value. Another reason for Dietary supplements & Immunity boosters to come into our diet.

So what Immunity Boosters do is, try to provide our body the required amount of Micro-Nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) daily basis. They keep the immune system in an optimal state.

But does having boosters alone help?

The answer is NO,  dietary supplements that provide you Macro-nutrients (Proteins, Good Fats & Complex Carbs) are also needed. And yes, research also says that doing Aerobics, Yoga & Meditation can help improve immunity.

Note:-  Obesity can weaken the body’s immune system and reduce its ability to fight off infections.

The conclusion is, to keep your immunity in shape try to follow a healthy diet with help of a Health Wellness Coach/Dietician along with the right supplements and proper immunity boosters.

I will make a separate post on Signs of Low Immunity & How to have a healthy Immunity.

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